Testimonials from some of my past pupils

Ben Summers
1st time pass
I can recommend Martin as an instructor. He helps you feel relaxed and teaches you in a way that sets you up for life as a driver. He will give you the lessons you need and not string out your learning unnecessarily but he's also really helpful and will try and fit you in for extra lessons if that's what you need. The LDC book is also a helpful resource and means you can spend more of your lesson driving. I wish Martin and his future students the very best.

Mary OgajiMary Ogaji
1st time pass
Martin is a very straight forward instructor who gives you a chance to learn within your ability and discover your faults, them guide and instruct you on the easy way to get it right next time. LDC offers a reasonable price and the LDC system is very encouraging for new learners. I would be happy to recommend Martin as an instructor to anyone. Thank you very much. Mary.

Donald IyinborDonald Iyinbor
1st time pass
I really love and appreciate the LDC program but more importantly Martin for being patient and being able to import knowledge and confidence in me during my training. Yippee... I passed, thanks again and keep up the good work. Donald