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Testimonials from some of my past pupils

Harvey JonesHarvey Jones
A great pass
Martin is an amazing and genuine driving instructor. His calm and relaxed manor really helped with the anxiety of learning to drive for the first time. He never tells you off if he has to take control, he remained calm and explains very clearly what went wrong and how to ensure it does not happen again. The LDC system approach he uses is very well done, allowing me to look at what we would be covering in the lessons outside of the car and provides structure. He is a great guy and very easy to get on with, and will be definitely recommending Martin to anyone who requires an instructor. Thanks Martin! :)

Jack BullwrightJack Bullwright
1st Time Pass
Martin's a great driving instructor who helped me pass first time and become confident behind the wheel, I would highly recommend him and have done to my friends.

Emily FinneyEmily Finney
A great pass
Cant recommend Martin enough, by far the best driving instructor I've had Wish I'd of found him sooner! He was so patient and just an all round great person. I would definitely recommend him to anyone looking for driving lessons with a great instructor. 🙂

Lisa PurcellLisa Purcell
A great pass
Can not recommend Martin enough. Brilliant instructor and really puts you at ease. Never thought I’d be able to drive but thanks to his patience and faith in me I finally did it.

Ezri MannionEzri Mannion
1st Time Pass
Learning to drive with Martin has been a breeze. I have looked forward to every lesson and come away in the happiest mood! As excited as I am that I was able to pass first time, I will be sad to not be having lessons anymore. Thank you so much!

Breanna GoffBreanna Goff
A great pass
Martin is a brilliant instructor who is easy to get on with and learn from. He has a very positive approach to every lesson he teaches you which is so important for a first time driver. Thank you so much Martin for your amazing help, I have enjoyed every lesson and will recommend you to anyone.

Libby FelkinsLibby Felkins
A great pass
Martin is a great instructor, he is easy to get on with and makes driving fun. Definitely makes it less stressful which is great. Makes learning easy and makes sure you understand. Would really recommend him for anyone. Thank you again.

Josh HubbardJosh Hubbard
A great pass
I had a good experience learning to drive with Martin. He helped me to learn new basic skills while making sure I was driving safely and legally. He tought me to stay calm and relaxed while I drive and he directed me on new routes, roads, manoeuvres and how to deal with other road users.

Ben DunkleyBen Dunkley
1st Time Pass
Top bloke!! Never would of passed FIRST TIME without you. So kind, genuine and an absolutely brilliant instructor. Every lesson was a pleasure. Would recommend to anyone who's looking to learn to drive! Thanks again!!!!

Tom HillTom Hill
Passed 1st time with zero faults
Martin was brilliant at removing all the stresses surrounding learning to drive. His relaxed approach and delivery to driving created an enjoyable learning experience.

Joseph EvansJoseph Evans
1st Time Pass
Martin is a great driving instructor, he's easy to work with and even easier to get along with. He helped me to overcome my lack of confidence which allowed me to pass 1st time. He is a genuinely nice guy who made learning to drive a much better experience.

Robin Fixter
Great instructor
One of the major pre-learning stresses about learning to drive is simply the relationship with your instructor. No one wants a dragon with a clipboard and Martin is the polar opposite. Immediately makes you feel at ease and incredibly easy to build a rapport with. Professionally adept as well, with a great eye for letting you work out what your mistake was, and thereby improving the learning process without undermining your confidence. Would recommend Martin without hesitation!

Aaron DixonAaron Dixon
1st Time Pass
Martin was amazing and I couldn't recommend him enough. He was very helpful and calm. The lessons were tailored to what you wanted to do. The LDC system is really helpful and the workbook was great for helping me progress my driving. Thank you so much Martin.

Nick RizzutoNick Rizzuto
A great pass
Learning with Martin was a pleasure from start to finish. Having taken driving lessons across 3 different cities with three different instructors, (Martin being the final instructor) I can confidently say Martin was by far the best to work with. A confident, calm and patient teacher, he knows how to optimise his students performance all whilst being highly informative and concise. He put me at ease and helped my confidence rise, allowing me to start my journey into driving knowing how to be safe and proficient behind the wheel. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend him to anyone learning to drive.

Morgan DartnellMorgan Dartnell
A great pass
Martin made driving really fun and we had a really good time during all of our driving lessons. He made things seem not so daunting and gave me a big confidence boost while driving. A really good guy and easy to get along with.

Abby JohnsonAbby Johnson
1st Time Pass
I passed first time with Martin! He is very patient and easy going which helps to reduce any nerves. He has helped me to become a confident and safe driver and I rate the LDC system because it is easy to understand and very helpful. Thankyou Martin!

Stacey JeffsStacey Jeffs
1st time pass
Martin is a very patient and outgoing driving instructor! I never thought I would be able to drive a manual car, but so glad I give it a chance. Many thanks to Martin I passed 1st time with only 4 minors, Thank you martin. Highly reccomended.

Becky SaintBecky Saint
Passed at last
Martin's professionalism and relaxed demeanour gave me enough confidence to overcome my nerves and pass my driving test. I would recommend him to anyone looking for a driving instructor.

Callum HuntingtonCallum Huntington
1st time pass
I can't recommend Martin highly enough, he and LDC have been as different as night and day compared to my previous miserable instructor. The resources provided are fantastic for preparing for both the theory and practical tests as well as for tracking your progress towards the day of the driving test. Martin is patient, friendly and laid back all while still helping you nail out anything you're struggling with. Look no further!

Kim ShawKim Shaw
Passed 1st time
Would highly recommend Martin, had 38 hours (17x2hr lessons) and passed first time! I was lacking confidence and Martin was brilliant and helped me overcome it all! Also the LDC system is the best way I’ve learnt to drive as I've taken lessons before but by using the book/ dvd and the system I learnt so quick and flew through my test with Confidence.

Morgan WebbMorgan Webb
1st time pass
Martin, what a top man he is! After being messed around with a previous instructor, Martin took me under his wing! He fills you with confidence in every lesson. He is patient and has the time to help you improve on everything. The LDC system is an excellent learning tool that really gives you the ins and outs of all driving! Thank you again Martin! Thank you for everything.

Rob MillsRob Mills
1st time pass
I will be recommending Martin to all I know. He fills you with confidence in every lesson. He is patient and never pushes you too hard. The LDC system is an excellent learning tool that really gives you the knowledge and understanding and Martin guides you through this system with ease. Thank you Rob

Matthew AldridgeMatthew Aldridge
I think that both Martin and LDC have been amazing and I defiantly would recommend them to friends and family. Martin is a fantastic instructor and has helped me develop from a complete beginner to a safe independent driver. Thank you for all the great lessons!

Matthew AldridgeMatthew Aldridge
I think that both Martin and the LDC system have been amazing and I definitely would recommend them to friends and family. Martin is a fantastic instructor and has helped me develop from a complete beginner to a safe independent driver. Thank you for all the great lessons!

Ben Summers
1st time pass
I can recommend Martin as an instructor. He helps you feel relaxed and teaches you in a way that sets you up for life as a driver. He will give you the lessons you need and not string out your learning unnecessarily but he's also really helpful and will try and fit you in for extra lessons if that's what you need. The LDC book is also a helpful resource and means you can spend more of your lesson driving. I wish Martin and his future students the very best.

Mary OgajiMary Ogaji
1st time pass
Martin is a very straight forward instructor who gives you a chance to learn within your ability and discover your faults, them guide and instruct you on the easy way to get it right next time. LDC offers a reasonable price and the LDC system is very encouraging for new learners. I would be happy to recommend Martin as an instructor to anyone. Thank you very much. Mary.

Donald IyinborDonald Iyinbor
1st time pass
I really love and appreciate the LDC program but more importantly Martin for being patient and being able to import knowledge and confidence in me during my training. Yippee... I passed, thanks again and keep up the good work. Donald